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Saltbox Wholesale

Sew Noted

Notecards and other paper products for the sewing and quilting lover! See our whole new line of Sew Noted...

Gift Certificates

Artwork by Deb Strain

Our best selling item! From quilting to coffee, Christmas to gardening, we have the perfect unique gift certificate for your store. Display them by your cash register, so that customers can see how nice they are! View our gift...


Artwork by Deb Strain

A great way to stay in touch with your customers, announce a special event or begin a birthday club. The artwork will encourage your customers to keep the postcard, as well as project the “look” of your store. View our...

Other Products

Artwork by Deb Strain

In addition to recipe cards and hang tags, other products are coming soon! Look for new additions to our line featuring quilting, gardening and holiday artwork! Shop by...